Good Riddance to Pomp and Circumstance

Virtual commencements put the graduate back in graduation. By Kate Shipley Richey Unprecedented times call for unprecedented adjustments, which has led countless colleges and universities to cancel, postpone, or replace their regularly scheduled commencement ceremonies with virtual commencement events. As these institutions scrap months, if not years, of planning, university officials and other curious observers wonder how to replicate the grand scale of a university-wide … Continue reading Good Riddance to Pomp and Circumstance

Sports Cancellations Create New Concerns

Mental health and academic progress now the top concerns for college coaches. By Kate Shipley Richey The cancellation of spring sports was a major moment for sports fans—no March Madness, no baseball Opening Day, and a return to the buzzer beaters of yester-year—but few of us probably took the time to consider what it meant for the student athletes, themselves (not just the ones we’re … Continue reading Sports Cancellations Create New Concerns

Discovering Conference Gold

Ten easy ways to share your conference learnings with the rest of your team. By Kate Shipley Richey Spring has a habit of sneaking up on us. At Plaid, this is mainly because we’ve spent all fall and winter planning, building, and facilitating at conferences. Industry conferences are a great break from the usual routine, and it’s exciting to meet people, consider new ideas, and … Continue reading Discovering Conference Gold